Give Better. Give Together. A 7-Part Series on Launching and Sustaining a Successful Jewish Giving Circle

AMP.ejewish.centerBy Felicia Herman

Giving circles, groups who pool donations and decide together which causes to support, are a powerful tool for providing anyone – at any age, in any place, at any giving level – with access to an exciting, intentional giving experience. Giving circle members learn and do something about the issues that mean the most to them within their community of friends, family, fellow program alumni – anyone.

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One, Two, Three, Four – We Opened Up the Iron Door

Russian_aliyahThis year marks the 25th anniversary of a mass immigration wave that would ultimately bring more than one million immigrants to Israel from the former Soviet Union. Its impact on Israeli society has been nothing short of profound.

By Judy Maltz

Among the immigrants who flooded Israel’s shores after the Iron Curtain fell – and who today account for nearly one out of every five Jews in the country – were doctors, scientists, engineers, teachers, ballerinas, violinists, athletic trainers, writers, poets, hairdressers, masseuses, factory workers and farmers.

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Eating Bugs


When we begin to talk about new models, new structures, new leadership, new programs that replace the old, we inevitably have associations, and often those associations are negative. By Maya Bernstein I recently attended a workshop as a guest … [Continue reading]